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            BOD MEMBERS

Vincent- Director

Head of Outreach operation & Harm Reduction Education

Vincent is a former Homeless Drug User with vast experience in outreach work & Harm Reduction education within our community. While homeless in South Jersey there Vincent would sleep on the streets of Atlantic City, NJ, only to find a warm meal at Sister Jeans on Pacific Ave. When Vincent got clean, he wanted to help people that were struggling the way he did on the streets. Vincent holds a BA in Finance & Political Science from Rutgers University. Vincent is currently working on his Master's in Social work and Public Policy from Rutgers University. Vincent believes people should choose a reliable Assisted Treatment that works for them which includes traditional and non-traditional forms. 

Vincent started working with the homeless population in 2002 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at Sister Jeans & The Covenant house. Over the years, Vincent has grown a passion for Outreach work with our drug user population. In 2018 Vincent was a CO-Founder of Monmouth County CARE. Since the inception of MC CARE, we have started doing Outreach work & Harm Reduction Education. Vincent is the head of outreach operation & Harm Reduction Education for MC CARE. 


Dimitri - Deputy Director

Head of Cannabis Giving & Fundraising 

Dimitri is a former Drug User that has vast experience in the NJ & PA Medical Cannabis industry. Dimitri has been using Medical Cannabis for the past 10 plus years to better his life. Dimitri is committed to the people who are suffering the way he did. Dimitri knows Cannabis can help people the way it did for him. Dimitri has made it his life's passion for making Cannabis affordable & accessible for everyone.

Dimitri started growing Cannabis 25 plus years ago. Dimitri has been a Master grower for the past 10 years & is currently a Master grower at Triple Bee Apiary & Farms. Dimitri currently consults on various cannabis farming efforts in Weedville, PA. Dimitri has also been an environmental contractor for the past 10 plus years. 

In 2019 Dimitri became a member is Monmouth County CARE. Though is vast volunteer work with the homeless drug-using population in Monmouth County, Dimitri was voted in as Deputy Director. Dimitri stepped up & took the role of head of Cannabis Giving. Dimitri is in charge of helping drug users get their Medical Marijuana Cards. He's also in charge of fundraising to help raise funds to help people who can't afford to get their Medical Marijuana cards in NJ & PA. Dimitri is also going to run our CO-OP when we can get HOME GROW approved in the state of NJ & PA. 

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