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Street Outreach


We at Monmouth County CARE Inc. have some hard-learned experience with the WAR ON DRUGS and the opioid problem in this country. We have many years of recovery from heroin and many other drugs. Throughout the years we have seen to many people die a horrible death as drug users. Today we have a crisis of mass proportions. We in New Jersey are at a turning point with the WAR ON DRUGS and drug use. We cannot keep going this way and think that it's ok.

Last year in New Jersey we had 2,221 fatal overdoses in the state of New Jersey. That up 40% from the year before. We can’t continue going this way. With those staggering numbers that’s 6-fatal overdose per day in the state of New Jersey last year. We need to have options for these people struggling. Even the unpopular ones. This is about saving lives today.

We believe in compassion over dollars. We are continuously practice compassion and understanding for these drug users. We will never discriminate or judge these people for their actions. The stigma against drug users is at an all time high. We can’t continue to judge these drug users because by doing that they fall harder into a hole of despair, self-hatred and suicidal behaviors. We will always strive to help the person on our street that are at there bitter ends. A little love and compassion goes a long way. By helping the struggling drug user that person knows there are people out there that care about them. This is about giving that drug user hope that there is a brighter future.

We continue to do street outreach work in Tri State. We hand cloths, food and the basic items for the drug user to survive and live another day.  If you would like to get involved with doing some outreach work with us or if you would like to donate please email us at or call (908) 247-7757.

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