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Expunge or Not

There has been lots of controversy with the the expungement process attached to legalization of cannabis. We really need to look at where the controversy lies and why. The people that have a problem with expungement are attached to keeping drugs criminalized because its profit driven. These are the people that are OK profiting off people misery.

In order to live in a civilized society we need to be able to give people a second chance to have a life. We cant keep living in a world where because of your economic background determines if you will have a social redemption. Why is that if you are a white person or come from a good economic background you can determine the social redemption? The same reason why less then 25% of our prison population is white.

We really need a real path to expungement for all non-violent crimes. Just because you have made a mistake or you have a health problem with drugs that should never determine what kind of job you get in the future. People getting out of prison for drug distribution are not eligible for housing. People that have non violent drugs charges are not eligible for financial aid or grants for school. That's just to name a few items that are affected by the endless cycles of not having a reliable or economical expungement process.

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