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We at MC CARE are starting to switch some of our focus to Policy research & independent studies. We need to start having real accountability in this industry to prevent the death of loved ones this industry likes to feed off of. When we have more deaths more money is flooded into this industry towards Big Treatment and Big Medication. 


Drug Policy Reforms

What if it was the Drug Policy's in this county that was locking people down, and it wasn't their drug use? 

We at MC CARE believe that if we were to change drug policy in this country we could change a drug user's life instantly.  

Through independent research studies, we can start to advocate for change in these archaic drug policies. 

Big Treatment & Medication

What if we were to find out that the success rates for Big treatment & Addiction Medications were all smoke and mirrors? 

We at MC CARE believe there are some shady practices that continue to happen in some of these treatment centers. We also believe that there is shady business happening in addiction medicine. 

Through research and some independent study's we believe we can start to expose these bad actors and ultimately save lives. 

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